Spanx Reviews: The Popular Respondents

Spanx Reviews

Most undergarment review nowadays would have to be Spanx reviews simply because most women, famous or not, have tried them on more than other products which are out in the market today. Spanx reviews would also show that these women tried the product out of curiosity and who wouldn’t be? Celebrity television show hosts like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks are talking about them in their shows. They are wearing them and happy about them. And this pushes the audience to try it out without really getting a good understanding of what the products are all about. The expert has spoken and so the world follows.

Celebrities who told their Stories

The Oscar’s has just finished and we all know that one of the big Spanx reviews happen on this big day. People walking down the red carpet look beautiful, slim and sexy. They seemed to have done their workouts to fit into their dresses but actually they have nothing else supporting them but Spanx undergarments on. Gwyneth Paltrow used them to have a good shape after giving birth just like Julia Roberts did. Jessica Alba use them to have that nice form when in her tight fitting costume for heroic roles and so with Vanessa Williams for Ugly Betty. And the other names are just equally famous like Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt, Melanie Brown and Brooke Shields. And as they all say in their Spanx reviews, who else aren’t wearing one? It is a household name for ordinary people and even celebrities.

Why They Opted to Wear One

It would be easy to figure from Spanx reviews that ordinary people and celebrities have one thing in common when they opt to wear Spanx – they want to look better. This is exactly why Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx actually came up with the idea. Sometimes, in as much as you love your body, you would need an undergarment support so that it looks better with garments on. Reviews also show that women who opt for Spanx are looking for comfort with their undergarments despite the support it provides which were lacking in previous brands.

More than Just the Looks

Spanx reviews further elaborates that some women also opt for Spanx for post-medical surgery purposes to hold tight the bellies and the skin and support body parts that require support after surgery. In addition, pregnant women also hurry to buy Spanx even before the actual child delivery so she has the right undergarments on after child birth. Spanx Reviews would show that this product has invaded many households, many red carpet events, homes, offices and even hospitals. There is no doubt people talk more about Spanx today than any other product.